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FS ’11 Project – Storm the Castle

Objective: Destroy a foam block castle using a fixed source of potential energy.

Castle Tour Video


  • Castle made of 18 blocks, set up in a testing area on the welding table in G3 IDE
  • Points awarded for blocks outside of test area after completion of testing period
  • Energy source can be either: tower of power (we provide) or 2xD-cell batteries (team-provided)
  • Testing period is 3 minutes including set-up/take-down. Multiple attempts are allowed
  • If the device meets the minimum criteria, the project automatically has a minimum of 70% score on performance, being linearly graded between the worst design (that met the minimums) and the best designs of the class. So the worst design would get the 70%, the best a 100% and the middle design a 85%.
  • The device must be designed and built by your team.  Components may be sourced from vendors but must be team assembled.  What is and is not considered to be team-built is to be determined by your lab instructor and/or Dr. Hutcheson.  


  • All energy used to move blocks must originate exclusively from one of the two sources, however, the tower of power is only allowed one drop.
  • During the setup, the castle must be rebuilt to the GTA’s approval. (Same castle for all)
  • For safety and reusability, designs are prohibited from having sharp points which may puncture the foam blocks or other people.
  • Control of the device must be done from 2ft away, marked by tape on the table.
  • The device must fit within 24” by 24” rectangular area and be less than 60” tall
  • Any safety issues are up to the instructors judgment.
  • The maximum allowable voltage in your team’s device is 30V


  • The device does not need to be automated, external control (information, not energy) may be provided remotely, examples of allowable control interfaces include:
    • Strings that can be pulled
    • Electronic switches (low voltage only, <14V)
    • A poke with a stick, etc.
  • During testing, no team member (or proxy) may be close than 24” to the test area (this will be marked with tape on the floor) for reasons of:
    • Safety
    • Ensuring only control, not energy passes to the device


  • Performance (# of blocks outside of test area) (60%)
    • The blocks must be COMPLETELY out of the testing area to count.
  • Originality/creativity (assessed using a functional classification) (20%)
  • Aesthetics/style points (20%)
    • Team name on design (6%)
    • Team logo on design (6%)
    • Design is painted or decorated (8%)
Castle Plan and Weight
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