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The NX module contains tutorials for basic 3D modelling. These tutorials cover the use NX in design engineering applications and will be released one week at a time.

  • Tutorial 1 – Getting Started
  • Tutorial 2 – Drawing a Part
  • Tutorial 3 – More Features
  • Tutorial 4 – Assemblies
  • Tutorial 4 – RotatingParts

To complete the tutorials, download and read though the linked PDF file. The PDF files are formatted for printing if you would like a hard copy. While reading through the tutorial, you are encouraged to experiment with the features presented in the actual software application.

At the end of each tutorial, an assignment is included. The assignment can be completed as soon as the PDF file is made available. To submit the assignment, follow the Blackboard Instructions link in the Software menu above. The assignment for each week will be available on Mondays at 3:00PM and will be due on the following Friday by 11:59 PM.

For each tutorial, there is a quiz on Blackboard. Instructions on how to complete the Blackboard quiz appear in the Blackboard Instructions page linked under the Software menu option.

If you have questions, please add a comment to this page.

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