Project (FS10)

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Kinetic Battery

Project Description

Your team is tasked with building a system that stores energy from a fixed source (the tower) and then supplies this energy to move a ballistic pendulum (the hammer).


  • No net external energy may be used, all energy must originate with the energy stored in the tower
  • All aspects of your team’s design must be safe, and will be audited by your instructors
  • The device does not need to be automated, external control can be used
  • During testing, no team member (or proxy) may be closer than 24″ to the testing area
  • Your team’s device may not be in physical contact with the hammer until activated after the 10s storage period


  • The tower will store approximately 50J (reduced from 100J) of energy (5kg weight elevated slightly higher than 1m)
  • The hammer will store approximately 50J of energy when pushed back (or pulled) 90 degrees from rest
  • Your team has a volume 48″ long, 20″ wide and 60″ tall to work with
  • A basic anchoring system is provided consisting of 1/2″ holes drilled every 4″ in the members connecting the hammer and tower

Testing Sequence

  • Your team’s device is weighed, placed in test area and anchored
  • The tower weight is raised and secured
  • Your team’s device is connected to the tower
  • All team members leave the test area
  • The tower weight is released
  • Once the weight has stopped moving, a timer is started
  • After at least 10s, your team’s device is activated
  • After activation, your team’s device pushes (or pulls) the hammer
  • Once the hammer comes to rest, the maximum energy storage will be recorded
  • You team removes your device and another team begins testing


A minimally functioning device meets all competition rules and has stored at least 2J of energy in the hammer during one of the formal testing periods. A minimally functioning device will be awarded a grade of 70%. Grades between 70% and 100% will be awarded based on a linear weighting of figure of merit from lowest to highest. The figure or merit will be calculated as follows:


  • E: Energy stored in hammer (Joules)
  • m: mass of teams device (kg)

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